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"The corporation will provide a distribution channel for viable economic gain for the community and its members by establishing a vendor to consumer direct sales market for forms of high quality ethically produced goods and products of mostly local origin. The corporation will act as an organizer and initiator of an environment for direct vendor to consumer sales but will in no way account for or require a consistent profit percent from vendors beyond the meeting of their necessary expenses such as site or booth rental. The corporation will educate the community through talks, informational brochures, and internet media, about the importance of supporting and fostering a sustainable local economy. The corporation will host free community events, their function to establish communication between community members by offering a free environment to discuss and learn about ways to to improve the community and the surrounding land it occupies."

Upon dissolution, all of the corporations assets will be donated to all of the following organizations in equal and proportional amounts:

-Missouri Prairie Foundation
-Katy Land Trust
-Great Rivers Habitat Alliance

-Missouri Coalition for the Environment

-Missouri Recycling Association

-Missouri River Bird Observatory

-Platte Land Trust

-Show Me Solar
-Renew Missouri
-Ozark Land Trust
-Missouri Stream Team
-Missouri Environmental Education Association

Organization Memberships

Organization Memberships


​"The Missouri Farmers Market Association (MFMA) is a group of markets, market managers, market supporters and vendors working together to make Missouri farmers markets healthful, vibrant and vital parts of their communities.

MFMA Mission Statement: To connect the Farmers Markets of Missouri with resources and access to partnerships in order to build healthy, sustainable and vibrant local food systems in their communities.

MFMA Vision Statement: Create an organization with a statewide footprint to educate, advocate and promote Missouri’s Farmers Markets in a sustainable and resourceful manner creating vibrant partnerships with stakeholders." 

"Missouri Grown represents the best our state has to offer and that's you, the producer. Through a variety of marketing efforts and promotional events, Missouri Grown promotes food and non-food products, retailers, farmers' markets, agritourism, and agricultural experience destinations."

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More and more people are recognizing the benefits of locally grown foods for freshness, flavor, and nutrition. Every month, over 450,000 people use our national on-line directory to find locally grown, locally marketed food. helps you find CSAs (community supported agriculture projects), farmers markets, local orchards and u-pick berry farms, food co-ops, and restaurants that feature local foods. Over 20,000 family farms and farmers markets have created their own listing on, and more are joining every week.