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We represent Boone Country. We act as an economic engine for the residents of the Boone area. Community is our priority, and as a nonprofit we are commited to preserving a self sustaining, viable, economically sound region.

We provide the space that gives local craftsman, artisans, farmers, and entrepreneurs an opportunity to sell their products directly to their consumer. Additionally we invest in public advertisements to bring awareness about the market 

Developing a localized niche market creates personal connection between the consumer and producer. Face to Face exchanges create relationships that strengthen the trust between you and your neighbor. Communities are built upon this trust.

Our  Country Market

Every Saturday! ~ 8:00 A.M - 12:00 P.M  

Memorial day to Halloween!


At almost every market we have some type of music! Superstar youth musicians, german folk music, or just some good cover bands! You never know what you will hear!

Local Products

Over 30 vendors pack our space with fresh local food, isnpired art, and healthy bodycare products. You better bring a freind and a basket to carry home your potted plants and local pecans!


Enjoy the sounds and tastes of the market but don't forget to browse around our educational booths. From the importance of native pollinators to creating low maintenance sustainable gardens; there's something for everybody to feed their mind!

Location- Our Market is located at 20 SSR-D in New Melle Missouri. 


The New Melle Country Market is a nonprofit organization with the mission to provide a channel for direct consumer to producer sales and allow the opportunity for local viable economic gain. The market's goals are to establish a space for this type of sale to occur, provide an authentic community gathering space, and offer education about topics such as Native Pollinators, sustainable gardens, and more.


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